Wednesday, 28 April 2010

5 steps forward 100 steps back....

Sorry to be away for so long!!

I have been busy clearing and getting ready for my open day on Friday!

There have been a few other things going on and I may give you a sneak peek later on in the week....
Can anyone help, this table was perfectly organized...bu look at it now! anyone know how to craft in a tidy way?

Here is my storage soltion for all thoses wheels! I now have a few wheel storage boxes to sell if anyone wants them!

Anyone watching create and craft on Saturday please look out for this!!! excited!

This has been made with a brand new CD designed by my mate Kirsty Wiseman, oh yes you read right!!! have printed her fabby designs onto paper that has fabric attached and made this little make-up back, the possibilities are endless........I hope to be stocking this printable fabric soon...keep looking!


  1. I've set the video for sat so I don't miss it. I think its brilliant. Did you print direct onto the fabric ... you say you printed onto paper? x

  2. thanks hun bun! trust me, good job Ive got you to check things for me.
    See you Friday at the open day


  3. Can't wait for Friday - and to be 'one of the first through the doors' @ The Cheshire Design House.

    What time is Create & Craft on Sat? I'll tell all my 'crafty friends' too :-)

    As for craft rooms/areas/tables being organised - I think we just have to accept - THERE IS NO TIDY WAY TO CRAFT!!! - it's nice to know I'm not alone - It's the floor in my crfat room too though - Can't even get in the door!

    I spent hours clearing it out - and there is no more 'free space' than there was before I started :-( Hey ho - we're all the same.


  4. hi Wally,
    sorry you didnt make it maybe next time?/