Sunday, 11 April 2010

Bags bags..

I had a fab night last night, I met up with a group of girlies I hadn't seen all together for ages.Chris (my special crafty mate who I do see I the time) Annie (who makes me laugh EVERY time I see her) Geraldine ,Jo, Heather and the host Bridget. Great nice to see everybody.
We laughed and laughed, ate nice food and drank.....perfect
The girls hadn't seen my new spotty bags so I took a couple with me and they loved them, so my room needs to be finished even more quickly because I have a load of new orders to make!

I sadly had to leave at 12 to pick hubby up who has man flu together with a bad throat, he was dosed up all night so he could go to the pub but the meds started to wear off so I picked him up in a taxi and took him home.
He is now still sleeping (its 11am Sunday) ad feeling rough.He was supposed to be on a big mountain bike ride which he loves but no chance today im afraid.
I cant wait for my room to be finished because I have so many plans, need to make lots and lots of samples, I am bimming with ideas as well as fabric. I am really excited, I have some trimming coming from Italy and am just sorting some new trimmings to come from France!!! how exciting and I have some gorgeous wool felt on he way...fab colours....
I dont want this to sound like an advert but some of you have asked me for my bag prices £25 for the medium (smaller with short handles) and £29 for the large (bigger with long handles) plus p&p!!
Post later operation craft room!!!!

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