Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day 5 operation Craft Room

Hi again,
sorry about yesterday!!!
Ive been a bit busy today and have a few pics to share with you!
I HAD to add to my ribbon collection today, I was missing a through spotty and check ribbons, have a look what do you think?

Hear are some of my boxes, I have made a box just for felt, I LOVE felt and try to use it on my projects as often as possible. I have tons and tons of fabric pieces so a box was needed for that too!
I have made temporary labels until I get the lamina tor dusted off.

Here are my fabric pieces in their own cupboards and how fab when the doors are shut!!

Also I wanted to share a little stampin up notelet designed, I love this stamp so much found piece of whisper white carstock inked up my stamp with the lighter colour then just 'kissed' the edges with the dark colour then stamped the card randomly. I add the greeting then voila!!

I Will post the recipe tomorrow, I am going to see the girls tonight!! I very rarely go out at all let alone twice in one weekend!


  1. How fab. Closed doors def mean progress. Ribbons are sooooo scrummy - what will they be used for?

    Keep us updated - what's timescales are you working to for completion and grand unveiling? Hope to be on the guest list ;)


  2. Hi there,
    Timescales are hard to say, ive had my girls off school so thats not helped, so I dont want to put too much pressure on myself with a date, it needs to evolve, after all it took a long time to get this bad its going to take a while I think...i may even so a video when Ive finished!
    I make bags, doorstops purses, craft totes an lots of dfferent crafts so my ribbons are for that!
    I am going to have an open day for my bags and my Stampin up so if you are anywhere near Cheshire you are welcome to come
    so glad your enjoying my blog