Saturday, 23 October 2010

horah! found a use for my 'slimming world' was a big one! found in Lady 'C's bed.....


  1. I know, and its not the first one found in her room! I cant kill anything but I dont like them and stuart will NEVER get rid of them so the upside down glass has to come to the rescue....
    Nice to hear from you are you ok Peg?

  2. glad that slimming world book got used for something and your £9 enrolment fee didn't just go down the drain! x

  3. urgh, ergh, euuuwh I hate spidees. I have to suck mine into the Dyson for James to empty outside when he gets home. I beg him to empty it near someone elses house but he never does - I'm sure it's the same one coming back each time!