Thursday, 8 April 2010

DAY 3 operation craft room....

Hi again,
thanks for all your support both on ILWS and on here, Its a bit like being a Weight Watchers....I have to keep it up!! (I actually joined weight watchers today too!)
Well with my ribbon stash comes my Stampin up ribbon which I like to keep separate so I have a litte wooden unit, its not quite oganised yet but its in place and ready!

And of course what do we do with all those bits of ribbon we cant thow away..I have a jar of pink,red,green,blue,brown/cream,black/white,orange/yellow,purple and a little jar of buttons too, the containers above need sorting but they are work in progress.

sadly no helpers today and had to bob out for a haircut as well as fat club! then took the dogs for a walk round the park and they both found the biggest water hole! they were soaked the park was terrible it was that wet there were ducks floating on it!
anyway I will stop waffling, see you tomorrow

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  1. All this - in school hols too!! Wonder-mummy you!