Friday, 30 April 2010

Going Solo!

My first crafty open day is now over, the stamp pads are not all put away yet and there is some paper and stash lying around but I have clocked off for the night!

I call it SOLO but to be honest without my crafty bezzie mate Chris and my mum whos is shhhhhhhhhh 81 tomorrow I couldnt hve done it.

I have had a great day, met some really nice people. I feel like I've had my crafty 'fix'even though it was MY day I loved it.
I thought you may like to see my make and takes, here is my first one

My second..

here is my third..

hope you like them!
I am now off to watch
Its complicated
The Time Travelers Wife
Couples retreat

Good luck to Kirsty on Creat and Craft in the morning


  1. hey how did it go?? I LOVE your m&t's really gorgeous and I bet the lucky girls who came along loved them too, cant wait to hear all about it xxxx

  2. Thanks hun, it ent well, I have 2 people wanting parties!
    Actually really enjoyed it, probably did too many projects for so many people!

    I was going to call you today but it ended up being school pick up time..
    Speak soon

  3. It was AB FAB!!!! Just what the Dr ordered (well - almost ;-))

    Honestly Jane, the make & takes were BRILLIANT - and as ever - I come away from crafting with you (and the lovely CHris) with a 'masterpiece' that I have created.

    All your items are so well made & finished and you are a credit to 'Stamping up' - I'll be putting my order in V V V soon.

    Thanks again I had a lovely time.


  4. 3 wonderfull projects. Love them all!