Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I have a secret......

Cant tell you yet but I have a secret and if all goes well I will be soooooooo happy (im really excited but keeping my glass half empty not half full!!)

well when I eventually got in the craft room today, its was really really cold but a nice big cardy on I have dashed about clearing and moving stuff.
I have so many books dotted around I have decided to put sewing/fabric books near my sewing space and card/mini book making near my cardmaking stuff!
May seem obvious but not to me they have been dumped EVERYWHERE!!!

I now have too many ribbon's for my drainpipe , too many punches for my punch rail
mmmmmmmmmmm will need to have a think....anyway what do you think of this? Its not wonky, opened the door and snapped the pic frm on step.

I was going to throw out this old CD holder bought ages ago from Ikea, I just tried a Stampin up stamp set in one of the holes, its PERFECT like a glove!
Its so narrow and so tall it can fit behind the door!, ive fixed t to the wall to be safe. I will have all the labels visible, eventually...My lovely girls mate Dyan Reavely had a massive studio jam packed with stash but she has a place for everything and everything in its place so you can
have a massive craft
trash the place
easily tidy it up!
Sorry Dy I have done that a few times!

Someone once said to me you need to organise as if it was kindergarten...good advice I just need to follow it!
hope you like this ideas.

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  1. Hi Jane, Hey, I like how you've found a use for your CD rack! I've a couple in my junk room (hubbie's office) that I was going to throw out ... but hey, what a good idea. I'm off in there now (if I dare!) to retrieve them and bring them into my craft area before hubbie changes his mind and decides to keep them ... ha ha ha too late, I've got them now!

    Keep up the good work - your craft room's looking heaps!!! better!