Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Shame shame shame on me........

A hard decision has been made!
I am lucky to have a big craft room but I never know where to stop with my crafting and business....which is why it is always such a mess....
I am a Interior Designer, craft designer/maker, craft teacher as well as being Stampin Up demonstrator!
Some may say Jack of all trades master of none........but I say thats not true! I love to try everything creative, I love the smell of fabric the twinkle of glitter the ease of rubber stamping. My passions are vast, I love colour colour colour (and often dress in black but thats a 'fat' thing..)
I love:
my fabby bag making
Felt making
screen printing
mini books
tassel making
and love to share what I know.

When I was made redundant from my job as an Interior Design Manager ,in charge of new Showhomes, it gave me a opportunity to do what I love, dont get me wrong I LOVED designing showhomes but that role has dried up with the property market and there are things I would love to do more...
Back to the decision...

I am saying goodbye to Interior Design, my furnishing fabrics are being sold (not the bag making stuff!), if interested give me a shout and my sample books are going and my room is being transformed!!
here is the shame bit.....every day for as long as it takes I will be posting a picture of my room....any suggestions will be very welcome.

I need :
1-Stampin up area
2-Sewing Area (domestic sewing machine overlocker and monogram machine)
3-My Industrial sewing machine area
4-large high cutting/storage area
5-books/mags area

I will be selling stuff as I go along too so keep poste for a bargain.


  1. WOW...looks like it could take a while!!
    When ever I have a sort out I have 4 piles,1)keep,2) bin 3) recycle 4)maybe ..The maybe pile often ends up joining the keep pile!!..

  2. what a dump.... get it tidy for a craft jam day ;)

  3. Ha ha Liza T, hang your head, ..!!!! lets see how long you can keep up. love ya.xxx