Friday, 9 April 2010

Want to see a Cockerpoo?

I am so sorry I have not posted today, I was planning to do lots tonight and post my accomplishments
My very very close pal Annie who cannot come into my house for more than a minute without sneezing uncontrollably, she leaves the house with runny red eyes like you have never seen because of our 2 dogs. Harvey is Cocker Spaniel and Nix is a rescue from the dogs home and for anyone my age or older she looks like 'freeway' from 'heat to heart'....
I love my dogs soooo much and even though we now have the girls I still adore my dogs. Annie has never really had the luxury of a dogs because of her allergies and also ALL the family are the same.

Today I had a text from her with a picture of a puppy on it....I was very shocked and equally confused? is this joke I said? she replied with a no its her new puppy!
I could not believe it, how? what? when? etc etc etc!!!

I HAD to go round just for a quick look and 6 hours later we left and have just got into bed, Im up at 8am to go and get a ribbon stash from my supplier!!
Anyway It is a dog a bit like the new breeds like a Labradoodle (Labrador and poodle) buts It a Cockerpoo!!! OMG cant believe it,so very very cute, never heard of it but how gorg!
here is 'Lady C' in hr new 'Fame' fancy dress outfit clearly showing where she has cut her hair "because it was sticking up!!!" with Dexter the new 16 week pup, it has been bread for people like their family Annie Jo Sam and Tom who are asthmatic and allergic to animals.....ohhhh are 3 dogs too many?????.....................
will resume duties in the morning


  1. Oh he's lovely - so why is he specially bred??? DOes he/she not shed hair or something...we are looking for something not sure hubs would go for a cockerpoo just because of the name (hes like that!!)

  2. How cute is 'lil miss too ;)

    Hope you got some lovely ribbons- do keep posting 'studio-sort' updates-definitely helps motivate me lol!


  3. hi there!
    not too sure on all the cocker poo info but I will say that Annie will have done the most reseach than anyone could possibly do!! it MUST be non-shedding I think...

    Dont worry I am in the craft room later today getting cracking! unfortunately I hae now added o my ribbon collection!!!

  4. Yep.. they are bred for the non shedding - poodle hair is courser than other fine hairs of the cocker which can cause the problem with asthma.

    fortunately, even though I have it, I'm not affected by our three... and actually Mrs Liza T... where are the piccies of your lickle cocker. My lickle cocky cocker Trulywoo wants to see them.. lol.

    Jo xx